The Dickie Peterson POWER BASSThe official TUNIS Dickie Peterson "Power Bass", I am offering, on a custom built basis, the opportunity for you you to purchase one! The standard model will be just like Dickie's, but minus the jewelry.

Flame Maple over Mahogany
2 Seymour Duncan Pickups
Push Pull Volume Control
Ebony Fingerboard with
Abalone Inlays on the Front and Side
Schaller Tuners
Tusq Nut
Badass Bridge

All built with loving care by Bill Baker. I am working on the inclusion of the moon jewelry. I can also inset jewelry on the headstock if you wish, and of course there are custom options available - (pickups, colors, finishes like satin or gloss), but it will be up to you as to what YOU want.

THE STANDARD MODEL is priced at $1699.00 and includes an autographed "Skull graphic" gig bag, AND an autographed strap, exactly like Dickie's. And yes, he is involved and it's not just for me to profit on. This product is by US. And for the purchaser, I'm sure I'll have some other goodies to include with it as well. If you are interested in owning one, to place an order will require a deposit. Please contact us at and we will gladly get back to you about it.

The Dickie Peterson POWER BASS. "It's not a toy". Says the man.